Tuesday, July 17, 2012


  I am SO excited to share this with anyone who reads this blog.  I want to share this on a personal level, so I will start from the beginning....
   One night shortly after my nephew Dylan had been diagnosed, our sweet friend Cyndi, who was fighting her own battle with cancer, rang the doorbell.  She and her children were standing there with a giant tree full of dollar bills and gift cards to restaurants etc.  It was an emotional and beautiful experience.  She was going through something horrible, yet she reached out and made someone else's day...week...month(s)!  It was so amazing how excited Dylan was about the tree.  Not only was it amazing, but he was so excited about the tree, he wanted to give one to someone else.....and he knew just who.  Tyler Smith had also recently been diagnosed with cancer.  We couldn't wait to gather up goods to put on the tree.  Dylan even had a bake/lemonade sell for hours to earn money to put on the tree.  It was such a fun day even though  Dylan was so sick at this point.  It was only two weeks before he passed away, but doing this for Tyler brought him absolute happiness.  He was SO excited!

   Receiving the tree was equally as exciting for Tyler, and he decided to pass it on.  The tree has been passed on to at least five different children fighting for their lives.  What a gift.  
   These sweet boys, Dylan and Tyler, have passed away....but we want to continue bringing happiness to those fighting this horrible disease.  We want to take the "Giving Trees"  to as many children as possible, so here is our plan... We are joining with the Smith Family (F2TF) & Anything for a Friend to put on an AMAZING benefit concert and dinner.   Here are the details-
Tuesday, August 7th
 Ed Kenley Amphitheater, Layton UT

lokalgrown, my dear friend Brooke Walker, Marvin Goldstein, Michael Dowdle, and a SPECIAL "Guest Entertainer" ***hilarious one***  will be there!

  It will be an absolutely amazing night!  It is a night for EVERYONE! (even bring your children)  We are so excited about the opportunity to give to others after my family was given SO much love and support.  We would love for YOU to help us in this cause, and come remember these sweet boys who were perfect examples of looking outside your own struggles and helping others.  I am pre-selling tickets no $15.00 a person, or you can purchase them at the event.  PLEASE pass this along to anyone you know and share it the event throughout facebook land :)  Email me @chelsea.uniformity@gmail.com  if you would like to purchase tickets in advance.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  


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